6 Pack - WOMENS The Players Cabretta Glove

6 Pack - WOMENS The Players Cabretta Glove

High Performance Professional Golf Glove


Please Note: Our cabretta gloves come up around half a size smaller than proshop brands (E.g Titeilist, Footjoy, Ping etc). 


Our recommendation: If the current size you wear fits tight, we recommend ordering a size up.




    The New and Improved: The GX Players Cabretta Glove:


    - Improved elasticity to wrist creating a better fit through prolongued use and applied stress from wrist flexion

    -Enhanced precision cutting and stitching of cabretta

    - An even more supple cabretta for an unrivalled feel and responsiveness

    - Stronger, longer lasting cabretta

    - New tab design with improved velcro


    The GX Players Cabretta Glove is constructed from the finest cabretta leather to create an unmatched feel and grip. Ventilation on both the front and back increases its breathablitly to ensure the life of the glove is prolonged, even in hot weather. 


    To allow for a perfect fit around the palm area each glove has elastication sewn in to the knuckle and strap area. Due to constant application and removal as well as the opening and closing of the glove, the palm sees the most wear out of all the areas.  This addition to the glove allows for the cabretta to not become stretched or deformed during periods of use.


    Please note these rates are for golf gloves only

    UNITED KINGDOM - FREE SHIPPING (1-2 business days)

    EUROPE - £3.00 FLAT RATE (3-7 business days)

    AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA, NEWZEALAND - £5.00 (6-7 business days)

    REST OF THE WORLD  - £5.00 FLAT RATE (6-7 business days)


    Every GX Players Glove you recieve should be of the highest standard. If for any reason you are disatisfied with your purchase please email us info@gxgolfgloves.com and share your concern with us. We will do whatever we can to make it right.